About Shelties
The Sheltie's proper name is the 'Shetland Sheepdog'. Contrary to
popular belief, it is NOT a Miniature Collie. Many people believe this as
the sheltie looks like a Collie only in a smaller package. This is due to the
Collie being bred to the sheltie way back when, but the sheltie is a breed
onto itself. This special breed is above average in intelligence and loyal to
a fault.

The Sheltie is a small dog, usually about 13" to 16" at the shoulder and
weighing about 20 pounds. This makes them a good canidate for a 'house
dog'. Although shelties are known for putting on the extra weight. This
can cause problems with joint and bone disorders along with other
internal problems causing them to have an early death. So care should be
taken to ensure a heathy weight throughout their life.

The Sheltie has a rough outer coat with a soft warm undercoat. This
double coat allows the dog to withstand extreme temperatures, cold and
hot. This makes the sheltie a hearty breed as they were bred originally
for outdoor work, but have adapted very well to indoor living. Although
they have so much coat, they are rather easy to care for as long as they
are maintained on a regular basis.

The Sheltie is a beautiful and graceful dog who is very alert and eager to
please. This makes them excel at obedience and agility training. They have
a built in instinct for herding, which is as old as the breed itself, and some
show this trait more than others. Which make them excellent working
dogs for the farm or the kids out in the yard. But all seem to have an
uncanny ability to sense when something is wrong and let you know it.

The Sheltie becomes a real member of the family as they will soon know
the habits, desires and idiosyncracies of each family member and react to
each accordingly. They love to be included in every family event.

I don't know of anything better than having a sheltie to love.