Care of a Sheltie
A sheltie requires a person to commit to:
- brushing the coat and keeping nails trimmed
- keeping the dog at a healthy weight
- walking and /or playing with the dog
- having regular vet visits
- taking obedience classes with the dog to ensure a happy
and well adjusted member of society.

Walking and playing with a sheltie are important as a sheltie wants to be
with the family. They are a very social animal and need the interaction with
their humans. This is also good as it gives them some exercise, whether it is
just taking a brisk walk or playing a good game of fetch.
(Which most all shelties LOVE to play!)

Visit the vet regularly for a check-ups and shots.
You should give your dog a heart worm preventative once a month.
Keep your dog free from fleas and ticks.

Find a place to take obedience classes. There are several pet chain stores
that offer these classes as well as some YMCA's and other community
centers. Ask around, there is bound to be someone in your area that would
be willing to teach you. This will be one of the most important things you can
do for your dog and yourself. Trust me!

Shelties are a delicate and quick to learn breed. I recommend using a very
small and light choke chain to train your dog, as using something to big and to
over powering will do more harm than good with your training.

Choke collars are a MUST for shelties as their heads are angled where they
can slip out of a regular collar very easily. This has been the means for many
shelties to get away and lost.