Care of the Sheltie Coat
Most of the time the first thing out of someones mouth is
"Wow, I bet it takes alot to take care of that coat!"
Isn't that what you thought when you first started investigating this breed?
Well believe it or not, shelties are really easy to care for... IF you maintain
them. By this I mean, if you wait until the dog is a mess before you brush it,
then they are not easy. But if you brush them about once a week, they are a
dream to own! Now if your dog stays outside most of the time, then you will
need to brush more often.

Shelties shed during the normal shedding seasons. Which are early
spring and fall.
Brushing regularly more often will help to lessen this evil deed.

Now to do a job you need the right tools. So here they are:
A wire comb
A long pinbrush- not round or oval
A slicker brush
A spray bottle
You will also need some nail clippers, scissors, a toothbrush and doggie
toothpaste. Also Mink Oil from BioGroom is a wonderful product that helps
protect the coat. Besides conditioning it has a sunscreen to help keep the sun
from 'frying and fading' the coat. I can tell you that the sun can do alot of

Now that you have the tools lets start the job.

First, always mist the coat with water before brushing. This helps prevent
the hair from breaking as well as keeping the loose stuff from flying around.
Take the pinbrush and do a quick once over to get the snarles on the outside.
Now  you will brush the coat 'against the grain'. I mean by brushing in the
opposite way the hair grows. You want to get underneath the topcoat and get
to the fluffy stuff below. This is what causes the mats. The undercoat gets
bunched up and snarls with the topcoat. I find that using the comb carefully
will get alot of snarls out without doing much damage. If that doesn't work,
take the scissors and put one blade under the knot, in the middle, and cut up
and out of the coat. Then take the slicker brush or comb and try to brush the
knot parts out. Doing it this way won't leave a gaping hole. The slicker brush
is also very good for the soft stuff behind the ears, which will snarl easily.

The toe nails should be kept short as they can cause the feet and joints
problems if they become to long. Also trim the hair that grows on the bottom
of the feet and between the toes. This is all you will need to cut, sometimes
you can give a trim to the ears if the hair gets to long.

Next brush the teeth. This may take the dog a while to get use to, but in the
long run it is well worth the effort. And it is much cheaper than having to take
the dog to the vet for dental work.

Now spray the Mink Oil all over the coat and rub into the skin.

Stand back and look at your beautiful dog!