Sheltie Coat Colors
Shelties come in a variety of colors and shades. I will just touch upon the
basics and then refer you to some wonderful sites that really go in depth (to
the genetic level) about the sheltie colors.
Sables are the basic brown and white
color. Although they can vary from a
golden brown to almost black.
Bingo is a 'pure for sable' as none of his
ancestors were any other color.
Bishop is also a sable, but he is
black on his back. His undercoat is
light brown. Bingo is his dad.
He is also tri-factored (his mom
Matrix is a tri) so he can produce
tri offspring.
Matrix is a tri. She is black with white and
tan. Her undercoat is black. Tri's should be
a shiny deep black with no rusty hue. Tri's
can produce any color as they can be bred to
any color.
Misty is a blue merle. Silvery grey with black
spots, also white and tan. Spots will vary in
placement and size.
Blues only come from having a blue parent.
The other parent must either be a tri or a
tri-factored sable. A merle to merle
breeding will cause deaf and blind puppies.
These two dogs are sable merles, notice how Brass looks like a sable and
Santa is almost blonde. Santa also has touch of blue in one eye, which
eliminates him from showing in AKC.
This is Millie she is a
bi-black. She is only
black and white.
Boomer is a bi-blue. Only silvery grey
with black spots and white. No tan.
Mario is a color headed white.He is a blue
merle but there are also sable and tri color
headed whites. They have a normal colored
heads. All colors can have spots on their
Another site about sheltie colors
A wonderful and in depth page. A must see.