UKC CH Okies Rocky Mountain Boy
A BIG Thank you goes out to
Janet Belcher of
Okie's Shelties
for allowing us to have this
wonderful boy!
Creede did very well at the UKC  North Carolina
Classic in March 2008
He won a Best Male and Best of Winners
I was thrilled as we have not been to a show in
over 2 years!
Check out his first litter!
Check out the photo shoot we
did while visiting Colorado.
These were taken at La Manga
Pass at about 10,000 feet!

The wind was blowing so
excuse his messed up fur!
But here he is "all natural" no
touch ups here!
Creede finally got his Championship in May 2010!
He won 2 Best of Breeds and 2 Group 1's!