Do you have a fenced yard?
Why is that one of the first questions a breeder will ask when you inquire
about obtaining a dog?
Well first lets make sure everyone understands the need and concerns
that lead to that question.

Scenario #1: 'UnLucky The Dog'  Many calls come in from distraught
owners looking to replace their beloved pet who just got hit by a car.
Worse yet, most say they have no intentions of adding fencing to their
property for the benefit of the new puppy or dog they are seeking.
History has proven that the sale of a puppy or dog to these perspective
owners is a virtual death sentence. It may take a while, but it will happen.

Scenario #2: 'Those Awful Neighbors' These calls are about how the
'Bully' of the neighborhood (Rottweiler, Pit Bull, etc.) came into their yard
and attacked and killed poor Sheltie when he was just minding his own
business. Often these Bullies can make quick work of a smaller breed and
the deed is done before the owner even has a chance to respond.

Scenario #3: 'Lady and The Tramp' A owner says " I just let her out for
a minute to go potty and before I knew it, that darn neighbor dog got her.
Now what am I suppose to do with all these mixed breed puppies that I
can't even give away? I can't bear the thought of these cute little things
being put to sleep, but I can't keep them all!" And she is a lucky one, as
Lady did not have any complications having the puppies. Alot can happen to
run up the vet bill when you have puppies. Complications can even mean
loosing your beloved Lady.

So can you understand why caring breeders who have invested so much
time and energy into creating a sweet, healthy and well socialized puppy
or dog will refuse to place a puppy or dog into a home without fencing?

We are the Masters and we have a responsibility to protect those in our
charge who cannot protect themselves. That is what being a responsible
dog owner means.


There are many problems with  Invisible or Radio fences. Basically they
are NOT reliable. Corporate marketing does not always tell the whole
story. Many people have discovered this the expensive and hard way.
Learn from their mistakes, have a chain link or wooden fence, something
that creates a true PHYSICAL barrier.

Remember when thinking of fencing, it is more for PROTECTION than it is
for containment.