Feeding A Sheltie
Please do some research before you decide what is the best food for
your dog. But I can tell you that a better quality food will make a big
difference. You will feed less food and that means less coming out the
other end.

Once you choose a food, stick with it. It may take a few months to find
out if it is right for your sheltie but give it time. Sometimes when you
change brands, it will start a coat shed. This is normal and sometimes the
reason why some dogs look so bad, they have their brand changed
everytime the owner goes shopping. We, being humans, think there is a
need for variety. Dogs really don't care and are happy with the same
food all the time. Of course a treat every now and again is nice.

Treats can be things that you would never think of a dog eating, like
vegetables and fruits. My gang LOVES carrots, broccoli, cauliflower,
tomatoes, apples, peaches, pears, bananas and popcorn. But a little goes a
long way, so don't over do. Now this doesn't mean that you are going to
feed 'people food' to your sheltie. People food is BAD for a dog,
especially processed food, no matter what the breed. I know it  is
tempting to share with that little sweet eyed critter, but DON'T do it!!  
Many health problems will arise in dogs from eating people food. Ask
your vet.

Shelties are known to become over weight very, very easily. Don't let
this happen. Many health problems are related to being over weight just
like a human. Joint and bone problems as well as heart troubles and early
deaths. If you love your sheltie, maintain a healthy weight. This means
you should be able to feel the rib cage when you run your hand down
their side. Now this doesn't mean they should feel like a skeleton, but
you should be able to tell where the rib cage starts and stops. Also when
you look at them from above, the body should dip slightly in at the end of
the rib cage. If you are not sure if your sheltie is over weight, ask your

I hope this has been informational for you.