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Gift Certificates Won At Shows
Only 1 $50.00 Gift Certificate is allowed
to be used for 1 custom ribbon item.
Can not be combined with sale prices.
Here are the basics for me doing a hanging.
First you decide how big you want it. Usually people pick a spot on the wall and I will
make it to fit their spot. OR if you want all the ribbons included, just send them and I can
let you know what size I can do with them.
Here are my prices:  
1' x 1' $50        1' x 2' $75
2' x 2' $100        2' x 3' $125
3' x 3' $150        3' x 4' $200
4' x 4' $250        4' x 5' $300  
5' x 5' $350        5' x 6' $400
6' x 6' $500        6' x 7' $550
7' x 7' $600        7'x 8' $700
8' x 8' $800        8' x 9' $900
9' x 9' $1000        9' x 10' $1100
10' x 10' $1200
Add $25 to the above for an 8" x 10" fabric photo

I will put the dogs name, call or registered, on the hanging for no extra charge.

If your not sure what size your ribbons will make, send me a picture of them and I can
help estimate.  

I make the loops 3" long to hang the quilt from, so if you are going to use a pole to hang
the quilt from that is wider than 2" around, please let me know.

Put the ribbons in a plastic bag then into a box to ship. This protects them if the box gets
wet. I had a box split its seam on the corner and would of ruined the ribbons or even lost
them if they were not in a bag.
So it is very important to put the ribbons in a bag. Don't
worry if the streamers bend or wrinkle, they iron out nicely.
Next let me know when you sent it so I can watch for it to get here. I get nervous with all  
those memories in the hands of the USPS. Then I do my thing and contact you when it is
done for payment. That way, I know how much to charge you for shipping. I only charge
the amount it costs to send.

I ship by USPS Priority mail Insured.
I use PayPal for invoicing you for payment. You do not need to have a Paypal account.

If you decide to do this,
email me with your information and I will email you back with the
address to ship your ribbons to.

I now offer
Gift Certificates if you would like to do this as a gift!

Hope I answered  your questions. Please let me know if you have anymore.